Thursday, December 18, 2008

Praise/Prayer Request

"Ask and it shall be given..."
My mom and sister are planning to spend Christmas with us. My sister's flight is due to come in to Bloomington, IL at 4:05pm on Saturday. This would mean that they would have a 8+ drive ahead of them on a good day and a snow storm set to arrive that night. I've been scheming all week trying to figure out a way to get them here PRESTORM!!! I know it's a little selfish, but I want them HERE, not stuck in a hotel waiting out the storm while we impatiently await their arrival!!! I haven't mastered the driving two cars at once thing, so going to pick them up is not a valid option. I have to drive in winter weather since I live in the frozen tundra and while my sister and mom are perfectly capable drivers, I didn't want to ask them to drive in it!
I called my sister last night about her flights and she told me she gets into the Chicago airport at 1155AM. A glimmer of hope--that is actually CLOSER to us than Bloomington, so I searched for shuttles that could take her and Mandy (her adorable dog) somewhere along the route to my house where my mom could pick her up. With little effort (Thank you, Lord!) I was able to find a bus company that will take her to a truck stop RIGHT OFF THE INTERSTATE on the way here. NO difficult directions! She will arrive there at 2:30 and then they will have about a 6-61/2 hour drive, so will probably arrive ahead of the storm. Please pray that everything goes well --the airplane comes in on time, for their safety--the weather stays good until they arrive safely and the storm at least mostly misses us so we can have our Christmas program and dinner at church!

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Sarah said...

Yay! I'll still be praying for safe & timely travel!