Sunday, December 21, 2008

They're HERE!!!!

My mom and sister arrived about 1140pm last night. After a bit of a nerve racking ride through the snow. I'm sure we'll all laugh about it someday. It seems that for most of their the last half of the drive, the snow was hanging out with them. It made a 6.5 hr. drive into a 9 hour drive.:o( --NO snow since they got here. God was watching out for them and they arrived safely. :o) Thank you for all your prayers!

Did you know that dogs can walk on two legs when necessary to keep their paws off the ground in cold snowy, weather. My mom's dog can--poor thing, Northern weather is NOT for her. We now have four dogs in our home for the holidays. Funny-and we don't even own a dog!--Two pugs we are "dog sitting", my mom's dog and sister's dog. It was a bit rambuctious last night as they all got to know each other!

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