Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Break

I will be sporadic in my posts the next week or so. We are almost ready for Christmas. We got our grocery shopping done early this morning so we'd avoid the insanity of later today. "T" said that we didn't miss an isle in the grocery store and "bought the whole store!" I think that if that is the case, I did pretty well--the whole store for a mere $103! :o)

We are mainly awaiting the arrival of my mom and sister. We will go get our tree probably on Monday afternoon--we are going to a tree farm and cutting down our own!!! The kids wanted to wait for my mom and sister to be here, so we've been enjoying a HUGE, gigantic 3ft. tree. :o)

Have a wonderful Christmas--remember to focus on the true meaning of Christmas--what Christ did for us so selflessly!

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Sarah said...

Praying that your mom and sister make it safely!!