Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Season's first Blizzard!

We are currenly in the midst of our first blizzard this season. We went to church and got back home safely. :o) We now have NO plans of leaving the house any time soon. Living in the North--where many are cold, but few are frozen, we occassionally get these blizzards. They are sort of good for us, we have to stay home for awhile and can't be running about. I'm sure this has put a crimp in some shopping plans, but I'm enjoying the day, relaxing and getting some stuff done. Today is the fun day, tomorrow comes the shoveling. Hubby didn't think I was all that funny when I said my contribution to shoveling was going to be making hot chocolate for everyone. Making hot chocolate is a delicate art that takes much time and precision!

Have any of you complained about moving--how difficult it is--well, we can no longer complain about how tough our move was. We have new neighbors across the street who are moving in AS WE SPEAK!!!! Yes, you read that right, in the middle of a blizzard. I sent my hubby and "T" over to offer coffee and hot chocolate. I can't imagine the mess of having all those snowy feet stomping through your NEW house. It's not like you can say--Hey, you with the BIG, HUGE dresser that weighs 500 lbs, can you please take off those snowy boots?

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