Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adventures in Dogland

Yesterday I needed to take Duke to the vet for his red eye. I also wanted to make sure his weight was fine now that he has put on some weight.

When I got home, there were little blood spots EVERYWHERE in my house! Duke has cut his back paw somehow. As the vet said, only he knows! Probably on a board in the yard that had a nail in it. I have spent a lot of time cleaning up little spots all over my house, including on my rugs. We now know that he is active while we are gone since he left a nice little trail.

Oh, yeah back to real reason I took him to the vet. There isn't anything wrong with his eye--one has pigment in the third eye lid, the other not. His weight is perfect. :o)

It has/is an adventure taking care of his foot. It has to be soaked three times a day--which he LOVES (I end up getting soaked too!). He also has to take two huge antibiotic pills every morning and evening--You have to bury them in peanut butter or he spits them back out! We then also need to wrap it when he goes outside to keep from getting junk in it. Did I mention we are going camping this weekend?--This should be a fun regimine while camping!

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