Monday, May 25, 2009

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Making Your Own Creamer

For those of us who are coffee drinkers, there may have been a naughty person who introduced us to coffee creamers. They ARE rather yummy, but expensive and not that great for you! I have started to make my own.
Take whatever milk you typically drink. Then add a sweetener to your taste. (I use Stevia.) Then add extracts, cocoa, whatever you like. I usually make up about 8oz. of creamer at a time. I then add about a teaspoon or so of extracts such as:
Any Combination of above
I also add cocoa sometimes

Two of my favorite combinations:

Almond and coconut extract and cocoa=Almond Joy

Mint extract and cocoa=Chocolate mint.

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shopannies said...

thank you this may truly be a great money saver