Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring is here--Maybe...

    Spring in the North

  1. First tick found on a kid--which brings up-why do they have medication you can put on a dog that last a month and kills a tick if it bites them, but none for humans! Doesn't anyone care if we get Lyme's Disease???

  2. Snow on May 14th in Duluth, MN--unfortunately I am NOT joking. However, it did not stay, it melted as soon as it hit the ground! That's the only kind of snow I can deal with in May!

  3. It is May and Walmart has only had their garden section really open a couple of weeks.

  4. We can still buy tulips. (My mom down south can not!)

  5. Very few brave souls have planted their garden--the rest of us are too chicken due to the chance of frost again!

  6. I painted my toenails and have been able to wear sandals--even if my toes do turn blue due to the cold when it snows in May!

  7. The trees started getting their leaves this week!!!

  8. A few brave and courageous flowers have started blooming that are outside not inside!

  9. Saturday update--Today, I had tentatively planned to be brave and plant my garden, but as of 11am, the temperature was still in the 30's--and oh, yeah, it snowed again today!

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Sarah said...

We didn't see any of that snow! You're just extra-blessed. :~)