Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Camping Trip

Duke the lumber jack. He loved to chew on sticks and even broke a few twigs off of bushes to chew on. I told him he was going to be on the Park Rangers Most Wanted list if he didn't behave!
All tuckered out after a weekend camping!

We went to Sibley State Park which is South. We generally try to go South for Memorial Day so it is warmer! This was our first camping trip with NO RAIN!!! It was quite nice to be able to pack up the tent and not worry about unpacking it to let it dry out!
The park was a nice one with bike paths, a swimming beach, hiking trails, and a nice interpretive center. They had fiddlers there on Saturday. It was nice to get the kids "cultured" a bit. They played really old songs. They also had rhythm instruments for the kids. The kids got to play the frog and an egg.
We went to church in Willmar. The pastor was gone and a gentleman that became a pastor at age 62--23 years ago was filling in. He was interesting to listen to. He was a pilot in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. He was also a pilot for NW Airlines. He is very studied in the Word.
The kids got to go swimming on Saturday and Sunday. We also hiked to the highest point in the area. We went on a couple of bike rides and the kids rode their bikes around the camp ground a lot. We also met several people with dogs. It's kind of funny how having a dog causes you to meet more people. It is really nice having a dog that you can trust with everyone!
We also enjoyed campfires with Smores, of course. We had to use actual sticks since we forgot our metal ones-so we were REALLY roughing it!

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