Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Our kids are homeschooled, and art is part of their curriculum. They each had a Mother's Day project to do. "T's" was a coupon book, which he tried to get his sister to do instead. He did put thought into the things he filled in, such as a back rub, vacuuming, doing the dishes, etc. He wanted me to know right away, though that the coupons expire in two weeks! I pointed out to him, though that they say "No expiration date". :o) He looked a little disappointed. He really wasn't that excited when I redeemed my "free hug" coupon several times in a row, because it says that it has no expiration date and that is can be redeemed over and over. :o) I think he is starting to want to exert his independence a little, which make me a little sad. However, I also know that kids need to become independent so they can grow into well adjusted adults who can make their own decisions and not need someone else to tell them what they should do. :o)

I had a nice, relaxing Mother's Day. Mike fixed lunch and the kids cleaned up. Then "E" was willing to go with me to the grocery store (I usually try to go on Saturday, but due to a lot going on, I didn't time!), which I love. It is much more fun to shop with someone than by myself. "E" also pushes the cart, so I can keep track of the coupons and grocery list easier and not feel like I need 4 hands! A kind gentleman also told me to go in front of him since I was a mom and this was one of the few days we were honored. :o) I tried to get him to go ahead of me because there was considerably less in his cart!

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Sarah said...

Glad you had a good Mother's Day! You know, I did the coupon book idea for my husband one year for his birthday when I didn't have time or money for a "real" gift. He loved it! And he kind of tucked them away and forgot about the coupons so he's only redeemed one of them so far. :~)