Friday, May 8, 2009

Why do bad things happen to "Good People" (Part 2)?

Reason #2:
"Because God is trying to get ahold of that sinner" or "God is trying to get their attention" or "God is dealing with them" or "God is giving them a wake up call" or any number of other reasons along this line.

I always get a little perturbed when someone is going through a difficult time and I hear someone say that any of these or similar are the reason why.

It may be true that God is dealing with them or even chastising them. HOWEVER, it is never another person's right to decide that. This is between God and the person suffering. In fact, in Job 42:7-8, God condemns Job's friends for coming to this conclusion and punishes them. We can not know what is in another person's heart or why God sends trials to another person. Often when we are the person going through the trial, we may not understand until after the trial is over or until we get to Heaven (where the answer probably won't matter :o).

There may be times that our bad decisions/sins have consequences that even after confession we have to deal with.

A couple of other thoughts:
Jesus suffered the most horrible death known to man and He was SINLESS.

Jesus did not consider illness to be because of sin, He healed many and had compassion on them.

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