Monday, January 26, 2009

Adventures at the Mall

Yesterday, I took the boys for their pictures. We got some of together and then singles. Thanks to Grandma, they had coordinating John Deere shirts that made picking out clothes easy. THANK YOU grandma! Picking out clothes is the toughest part of pictures to me. The boys did great and had fun. It was pretty tough to pick out which pictures to buy! We had a great photographer.

We also did some shopping (which the boys absolutely loved) and found some good deals. I needed to find some dress clothes for "T", so we went upstairs in JC Penney, all went well until the escalator back down. I thought that "Z" did okay with escalators in the past. "T" and I got on, and were starting down, however "Z" was still standing at the top with a panicked look on his face, putting out one foot, then the other in the air ABOVE the step, but not putting a foot on the step! Have you ever tried to run back UP the escalator? It is a bit tougher than it looks! Gives new meaning to two steps forward, one step back! I managed to get back up to the top (I was not quite 1/2 way down), and helped "Z" on the escalator. Of course, when we got to the bottom, he wanted to ride the escalator AGAIN! We did not.

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