Monday, January 19, 2009

Cub Scout Cake Auction

Both "T" and "Z" are in Cub Scouts of "Scub Couts" as "Z" calls it. Today is the cake auction. Basically you make a cake that your son picks out (we have a couple of cut out cake books), often a looooooooooooong process with their mind changed so many times that by the time you go to the store, you can't remember what candy you need to buy to decorate the cakes! You pretty much assume you need to buy one of everything in the candy isle, along with at least one of every type of icing! :o)

Here's my question--Why do CUB Scouts do a cake auction--shouldn't they spend quality time with dad making fancy bird houses or something?

Seriously, we had a fun time, except for trying to ice a really uncooperative crumby cake!--I have a few tips to share for Kitchen Tip Tuesday from yesterday's experience. :o)

Here are the pics. I'll let you know how much they fetched. We are currently having a disagreement in our family about which one we should try to buy. I think a good old fist fight should solve that...or maybe the most helpful kid chooses. :o)

"T's" Cake

"Z's" Cake

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Sarah said...

Those turned out really well! Despite your trials and tribulations. :~) I can see why y'all are having an altercation over which one to buy, because they both look great.