Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cub Scout Cake Auction--the finale

The cake auction went well. "T's" cake brought in a fetching $18--bought by none other than himself. "Z's" cake brought $17. He chose a dirt cake with GUMMY WORMS!!!!!!!!!! He jumped the bidding from $10 to $20 in his enthusiasm to get the cake. I have to say that he waited patiently, not bidding on any other cake until the dirt cake came up for bid. When he got the cake, the little boy behind him was reduced to tears for a very long time because he wanted to by HIS own cake back. I remembered seeing another dirt cake and upon further investigation, it was found that his cake had not yet been sold, to which the little boy told his mom, "Let's grab it and get out of here!" He ended up buying his own cake. :o)

Here are the cakes we came home with:

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