Thursday, January 29, 2009

Don't Quit!!!

I've been reading through the book of Judges in my Bible reading and on Wednesday night at our church, we've been studying 2 Chronicles. It has struck me that many of the mighty kings and judges did very well and were mighty men for the Lord, but then after their great victories, they made bad decisions and tried to do things on their own which got them in a whole heap of trouble.

Gideon was so humble when God first came to him that he thought their was no way God could use him. God use Gideon and his arm of 300 to bring down the Midianites who had an army of 135,000! Then we see that Gideon made an ephod which became a snare unto him and his house. He also had 70 sons "for he had many wives". The next chapter tells of how one of his sons killed all his brothers except one so he could rule the land.

Jehosphat was a king in Judah who had a great kingdom, got rid of the idols, was blessed with peace from God for most of his reign. However, he decided to have an illiance with Ahab (Israel's most wicked king) and then chose to go to battle with Ahab against the prophets advice and it was down hill from there.

This reminded me that we have to be SO careful that after times of victory spiritually or prosperity we need to be extra careful that we are staying in God's word and continue to rely on Him, NOT ourselves or we are sure to fall and get ourselves into a lot of trouble. One bad decision can reap consequences for the rest of our lives! Don't quit reading your Bible, obeying God's Work, praying, asking for God's wisdom, attending church, etc.!!!

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